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Elephant plush toy

Elephant plush toy

39,95 €
Elephant plush toy comforts your little ones while they sleep. Our Elephant plush toy is made from a soft, velvety material, perfect for cuddling. He has a sweet face with...
Baby Bedding Bumper Pillow

Baby Bedding Bumper Pillow

49,90 €39,90 €
Baby Bedding Bumper Pillow is perfectly fit for hugging, back and leg positioned sleeping. Baby Bedding Bumper Pillows play an indispensable role for mom to prevent babies from rolling while...
Newborn lamb sleeping bag

Newborn lamb sleeping bag

29,90 €
Newborn lamb sleeping bag - Keep your baby warm and cozy! The Newborn lamb sleeping bag is soft, warm, skin-friendly,  and comfortable to wear. It can protect against wind and...
Baby winter sleeping bag

Baby winter sleeping bag

34,90 €
Baby winter sleeping bag is knitted with high-quality   Baby winter sleeping bag Stroller swaddle blanket has 3 wooden buttons that will help you wrap your baby easily. which keeps...
Baby blanket | Sleeping bag

Baby blanket | Sleeping bag

24,90 €
Thin baby blanket| Sleeping bag The Thin Baby Blanket Sleeping Bag is knitted with high-quality material, keeping your baby girl or boy in a warm, cozy swaddling blanket. The newborn...

Babies need less sleep and sleep more at night. Some newborns may sleep for a total of around 8 hours a day, while others may sleep up to around 18 hours a day – either is perfectly normal. Baby generally sleeps 12 to 16 hours in 24 hours and do not know the difference between day and night.

Type of Baby's sleep items:

Baby winter sleeping bag

A baby sleeping bag prevents your little one from kicking off their cover or blanket and keeps your child at the right temperature all night long (see below for temperature guidance). Also, the soft and breathable jersey lining ensures an optimal sleeping temperature.

Reason Why you should buy this sleeping bag?

Here are 8 reasons why a sleeping bag might be right for your baby or toddler.
1. Baby sleeping bags are easy to use

When babies are young, sleeping bags are an easy option to use. Simply place your baby within the sleeping bag, secure them correctly, and place them in their cot, with just a fitted sheet underneath.

Although your baby's arms remain outside of the sleeping bag, their core body temperature will be maintained at the optimum level to ensure a restful night’s sleep.
2. Sleeping bags are available in different sizes & weights

Choose the perfect size sleeping bag to fit your baby or toddler, and the best weight suited for the time of year and climate where you live.

The sleeping bag will keep your child warm with less weight than sheets and blankets to restrict their movement and comfort.

3. No additional covers are required when you use a sleeping bag

Sleeping bags eliminate the problem of your baby or toddler kicking off their covers and becoming cold during the night.

They also enhance your baby or toddler's safety, as bedding has the potential to wrap around their airway. Your baby or toddler is safely held within their sleeping bag, so there is also no risk of getting their foot stuck between the bars of the cot.
4. Baby & toddler sleeping bags promote peaceful sleep

Your baby or toddler will quickly associate the sleeping bag with an enjoyable experience and a restful night's sleep, and this can help them to settle quickly.

As soon as they are placed within their sleeping bag they will feel secure and comfortable, and this will help them to settle and to achieve sleep rapidly, even when they're in a strange place.
5. Easy to transport your baby or toddler in a sleeping bag

Use the sleeping bag in your baby or toddler's car seat or buggy so that you can pass them straight from there to their cot or bed without disturbing their rest.
6. Soft sleeping bags are a natural choice

When looking for a sleeping bag, you can't go past a merino wool option. Merino wool sleeping bags have many benefits. They are super soft and will not cause skin irritation, even in babies with eczema or for those with skin conditions. Merino wool also breaths, so perspiration passes out and is absorbed into the air keeping your baby or toddler dry and comfortable.

The unique temperature regulating capacity of merino sleepwear keeps them at the perfect temperature, cool when the weather is hot, and warm when it's chilly.
7. Sleeping bags encourage faster growth

Studies have shown that babies' and toddlers' sleepwear made from merino wool helps them to settle for sleep quicker, they sleep for longer periods, they cry less frequently, they feed better and hence they put on weight faster. This can be particularly important for underweight or premature babies.
8. Sleeping bags make for happy families!

If your baby or toddler sleeps well, you will too, and this means that the whole family will be happier and healthier! Choosing the right sleepwear and bedding for your child is one of the best investments you can make for your whole family.

Newborn lamb sleeping bag

A newborn sleeping bag is a cozy and adorable accessory designed to keep your baby warm and comfortable during sleep.

The Best benefits of a newborn lamb sleeping bag:

  1. Soft and Snug: Newborn lamb sleeping bags are typically made from soft, plush materials that provide warmth and comfort to your baby, mimicking the feeling of being cuddled.

  2. Safe Sleep Environment: These sleeping bags offer a safe sleep solution for newborns, eliminating the need for loose blankets or bedding that could pose a suffocation risk. The design ensures that your baby stays comfortably covered throughout the night.

  3. Adorable Design: With their cute lamb-themed design, newborn lamb sleeping bags add a touch of charm to your baby's nursery. The whimsical design can make bedtime more enjoyable for both parents and babies.

  4. Ease of Use: Newborn lamb sleeping bags are easy to use, with zipper closures or buttons for quick and convenient dressing and undressing. They provide a snug fit without restricting your baby's movement.

  5. Regulate Temperature: Sleeping bags help regulate your baby's body temperature, keeping them warm without overheating. This is especially important for newborns, as they are not yet able to regulate their body temperature effectively.

  6. Versatility: Newborn lamb sleeping bags can be used in various settings, including cribs, bassinets, strollers, and car seats. They provide a cozy sleeping environment for your baby wherever they go.

  7. Machine Washable: Most newborn lamb sleeping bags are machine washable for easy cleaning and maintenance. Simply toss them in the washing machine as needed to keep them clean and fresh.

  8. Peace of Mind: Using a newborn lamb sleeping bag can provide parents with peace of mind, knowing that their baby is sleeping safely and comfortably throughout the night.

Sleeping bag for baby

A sleeping bag for a baby is a cozy and safe alternative to traditional blankets, designed to keep infants warm and comfortable during sleep.  The Baby sleeping bags eliminate the risk of loose blankets covering a baby's face, reducing the risk of suffocation or overheating. They provide a secure and snug sleeping environment for infants.

Why do you buy a Sleeping bag for your baby?

A baby sleeping bag prevents your little one from kicking off their cover or blanket and keeps your child at the right temperature all night long.

5 Reasons You Should Use a Baby Sleeping Bag

1. Safe Sleep

The American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) recommends no loose bedding or blankets in a baby’s sleep environment. Effectively the baby sleeping bag removes a possible SIDs risk associated with using loose blankets – even cellular ones.

2. They keep baby warm and snug

Very often I find that parents are concerned about their baby being cold at night. A baby sleeping bag helps to tick that box of doubt. Effectively the wearable blanket stays with your baby as they move and the risk of them being kicked off or their lets getting cold is taken away.

There are different tog sleeping bags available across the brands so you can choose a weight that suits the weather that you are experiencing at that time.

I recommend using a 2.5 tog in winter and a 1 tog in summer! Bear in mind that I live in Ireland where the weather can be pretty grim all year round!

3. Helping to keep things nice and settled

I find the use of a sleeping bag means that any tending to the baby during the night is nice and settled. You are able to do everything while keeping them in their sleeping bag – even a nappy change! I do recommend however that if your baby requires changing at night you look to sleeping bags that zip at the bottom and up the side rather than up the front for easy access!


Keep them in their bag while feeding, settle them, and snuggle them – then back into their sleep environment, they go without any fuss.

4. Important part of a bedtime routine

Remember that consistency is key when it comes to helping a baby achieve your family's sleep goals. By including a sleeping bag in their sleep routine you are including a stepping stone that they will recognise and will give them the signals that sleep is coming.

5. They can assist in a baby sleeping through the night

For all of the reasons listed above! They tick a huge safe sleep box. They help keep your baby at the right temperature. They aid in keeping nighttime tending nice and settled and they can form an important part of a bedtime routine.

With all of these important areas met your baby is less likely to fight sleep and sleep more comfortably and get closer to sleeping through the night or achieving your family's sleep goals.