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Fidget Spinner Chain

Fidget Spinner Chain Toys rotate well.

Impressed with fidget toy quality.

Fidget chain toys well made. Well ..... I thought it came with a suction cup, but no... I thought it was wound and turned alone, but neither ..... I haven't read the details of Deformed, mea culpa! But I do not regret buying it at all, it is a lot of fun. Equally, I'll put a suction cup on it and voila!

The package arrived complete but crushed the box, the toy does not look broken, my son happy

Very good product. Child like a lot

Stroller Travel Bag | Baby
Carroll J.

The quality is good, looks nice, thank you, recommend

Stroller Travel Bag | Baby
Bennett C.


Stroller Travel Bag | Baby
Fermin C.

A bag of good things, a small smell of three, it's like a shvidko. Delivered the shvidko.

Perfect, loved it was very worth the delay

Very good silicon sucker with hole to facilitate the extraction of juices from the fruits, and you can freeze and thus give the baby for your gums.

Very nice as in fast shipping photos

Very nice pacifier to give fruits to the baby without choking, it can also be frozen to give frozen fruit and help your baby gums.

Stroller Travel Bag | Baby
Rahsaan L.

Good quality. Roomy and fit us perfectly under the stroller

Stroller Travel Bag | Baby
Dexter O.

sizing is perfect. It comes with a long handle and two side clips which can be hung on a pram (with velcro).
recommended 100% . came to the UK in less than a week

It is as is in the images, it is made of rubber and allows babies to bite it anywhere. I bought it mainly because my daughter's teeth are coming out and so she feels some relief.

Little Frog Bath Toy | Baby
Roselyn S.

Little Frog Bath Toy | Baby

Stroller Travel Bag | Baby
Nikita H.

Of great quality.

Baby Water Pad
Lonie K.

The product is prikhav shvidko, the mattress is great, all good

Can’t wait for my baby to be here so I can use it I like the quality of it the rubber is nice but not too hard

Modified spinner.
Children's hands too small

The best purchase for your baby took a while but it arrived

my Grandson luv it

Baby Water Pad
Josefa H.

I am very satisfied, as described, well as keeping water and air well

Arrived earlier than planned, resistant material the part where the food is introduced is a very soft material and suitable for the baby

Stroller Travel Bag | Baby
Gaston G.

Very good bag